February 27, 2018

Educational Video’s

Join Dr. Carrie Bedient, dual board certified fertility specialist from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. Dr. Bedient will be presenting on the medical process of cross-border IVF treatment for intended parents, egg donors and traveling surrogates. The presentation will also include information about specialty treatment services including third party IVF, preimplantation genetic screening and gender selection. To learn more about Dr. Carrie Bedient, or The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, please visit them online at: https://fertilitycenterlv.com

Join CHOICES Adoption and FSGV, two of BC’s licensed adoption agencies, as they share an overview of their processes and programs, and introduce adoptive couples that have built their families through adoption with the assistance of these agencies. To learn more about CHOICES adoption please visit them at: http://www.choicesadoption.ca/

Join Sarah Reid of the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) as she explains resources for overcoming grief and loss, dispels some common adoption myths and introduces you to BC’s three adoption programs. Learn how AFABC’s free and confidential support services can help you determine if adoption is your personal path to parenthood, and ensure you receive the on-going supports and connections needed to help your family thrive. To learn more about Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC), please visit them at: https://www.bcadoption.com/

Join Leia Swanberg, Founder and CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting, to learn about surrogacy and support programs available within Canada, as well as hybrid programs utilizing clinics throughout the United States and Canada. The Sacred Surrogacy holistic support program will also be discussed, which is open to any Surrogate, Intended Parent, or Egg Donor. To learn more about Leia Swanberg, or the Canadian Fertility Consulting, please visit: http://fertilityconsultants.ca/

Join Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy, Professor and Division Head of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at UBC, to explore the causes and implications of recurrent pregnancy loss. Dr. Bedaiwy will share insight on who can be affected, why this occurs, and how to move forward with family planning. To learn more about Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy and his work, please visit: http://obgyn.ubc.ca/person/mohamed-bedaiwy/

Join Krista Parr, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, to learn all about eating for fertility. Krista will explore how nutrition impacts fertility, and share tips on improving nutrition for people who are trying to grow their families. To learn more about Krista Parr, or Root to Fruit, please visit her site at www.roottofruitnutrition.ca